Hollywood's Pre-emptive Strike For Jerry Brown

October 30, 2013

Kardashian ET. A Horse in the Race Owner; horse (race) Gary Barber (MGM chairman-CEO); Ron the Greek (Classic), Laugh Track (Sprint) Jim Rome (talkshow host); Mizdirection (Turf Sprint, defending champ) Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer); The Fugue (Turf) Norton Herrick (Herrick Entertainment); Brujo de Olleros (Dirt Mile), Street Sailing (Juvenile Fillies Turf) Sound of Music, Thunder of Hoofbeats Hosted in collaboration with Hip Card Prods., Songs in the Saddle, a concert in the tracks infield, will be held after the running of the Breeders Cup Classic. Singers include Kristin Chenoweth, Toni Braxton, Jakob Dylan, Macy Gray, Joan Osborne, Dame and Jenny O. Performances also will take place between races. A Feast for Foodies Wolfgang Puck Catering will serve more than 5,000 VIP attendees and guests in the Trackside Marquee, Frontrunner, Sierra Vista, Trophy Lounge, and the newly renovated Chandelier Room areas. Bobby Flay will host Taste of the World on the evening of Nov. 1, an invitation-only event at the Huntington Library in nearby San Marino.
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Bible Films Mix Hollywood And Holy Book

The message was clear in the Oct. 24 announcement that Kim Kardashian every major industry Democratic donor and studio head has pledged to support California Gov. Jerry Brown's re-election campaign. Even though Brown, 75, is skeptical of the expansion of state tax credits that Hollywood would like to see passed, he has loyalties in the industry going back to when he lived in Laurel Canyon and dated Linda Ronstadt. PHOTOS:20 Biggest Political Players in Hollywood Now longtime Brown ally Andy Spahn, who advises Jeffrey Katzenberg, is seeking to create an aura of inevitability with a Nov. 21 fundraiser at the Bel Air home of Cindy and Alan Horn.
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We have learned that there is more to unite us than to divide us, he said. That is exhibited primarily by how we see the arts and film. Ultimately, though, Jakes hopes to see faith-based films go more mainstream rather than being a separate niche category. Faith is not limited or incarcerated by labels that restrict it from being read here able to be woven into the fabric of the human experience, he said. I think that faith is best worn when it is part of the totality of the human experience rather than relegated over to a tribal expression of a particular group of people. Taking a cue from Gibsons success with The Passion, film marketing campaigns now go after pastors endorsements through special advance screenings to secure endorsements from big-name religious leaders. As more people are sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday morning rather than in church, filmmakers are the new high priests of our culture, said A. Larry Ross, who has handled publicity for several religious leaders and organizations, including Billy Graham and Rick Warren. No pastor went to seminary to put people in (theater) seats or build revenue for a film producer, Ross said.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/27/bible-films-hollywood_n_4151671.html

‘Access Hollywood’ Executive Producer Blasts Kardashians Over ‘Blacklisting’

(The venue is still a working theater, currently hosting stage shows.) And not only do you not have a ticket, you lack access to the second floor, and that's where the good stuff supposedly happens: According to legend, Howard Hughes, the mogul who bought the Pantages in 1949, and oversaw the then-movie house's years as a home to the Academy Awards, can still be heard puttering around in the space that served as his office. Those in the know say Hughes isn't the only spirit who putters around the theater. "It's got its share of ghosts," says Laurie Jacobson, coauthor of "Hollywood Haunted: A Ghostly Tour of Filmland." You called Jacobson to get her take on Hollywood's prime haunted spots. You specifically asked her about the prime public haunted spots, the ones where you http://kelleyjtze.sosblogs.com/Blog-b1/Kim-Kardashian-And-Kris-Jenner-Say-not-Yet-To-Kanye-Wests-Big-Tv-Wedding-Plans-Report-b1-p27.htm don't need a ticket, the ones where, as in the case of the Chateau Marmont, you don't need access to Bungalow No. 3, where Belushi died (and where he supposedly still holds court),the ones where, not unlike a ghost, you can flit in and flit out. The ones like the northwest corner of Hollywood and Vine.
Source: http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/haunted-hollywood-220629426.html

Haunted Hollywood: Where the A-List Ghosts Hang Out

We were planning on covering, but Kris Jenner has blacklisted us, Silverstein wrote in an editorial response published on the Access Hollywood website. The reason: She was not happy with a review we aired of her talk show. Also read: How E! Is Handling Kris and Bruce Jenners Split on Keeping Up With the Kardashians Jenners talk show ended its six-week test run on Fox TV stations in August, but its future is still unclear . Silverstein, however, doesnt Kim Kardashian sound like hes holding his breath for its return. First, her talk show was not great and she is not a talk show host, no shame in that. The landscape is littered with failed talk shows. Bethenny is finding that out right now, he wrote.
Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/access-hollywood-executive-producer-blasts-kardashians-over-blacklisting-185917849.html

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